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Sedona's Pilgrimage


Inspired by love and dedication


For my first official pilgrimage this semester at Naropa University, I felt a calling to begin my journey in a sacred environment of healing. My mom has been working on a beautiful Hemp Farm in Wheat Ridge called Serenity CBD. I am very inspired by their love and dedication to growing these medicinal plants.


My offering


Upon arrival, I could sense an energy of regeneration. Booming green hemp leaves glistened in the morning sun. Vegetables share the space, providing grounding and nutrition for the farm. Bliss seemed to sparkle upon each budding plant.

Before beginning my practice, my mother and I hand watered the entire crop. Doing this work helped me foster a deep connection to the lands. I was watering with positive intentions, it was my offering to the magical healing plants.


A healing journey


For my practice, I did walking meditation; weaving in and out of the rows and stopping to notice the beauty in each. Every plant holds unique qualities. I began feeling a calm, grounded sensation throughout my whole body. Each plant provided me with new insight.

This pilgrimage has been a healing journey. Not long ago I discovered the healing powers of hemp. I suffered from terrible chronic headaches. Over-the-counter medications never worked for me. Serenity CBD oil gave me relief instantly.

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