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Morning Thoughts

by Rachel Cole

Here I sit surrounded by good intentions getting lost in the machinery of corporate over-site.

As I sit looking out on the lush green landscape of Ohio waiting for my mother to be released from the hospital, I flash to a thought that brings me back to the world of hemp and how far away I’ve been from it the last few days.

I have been submersed in the world of hospitals, ER’s, ICU’s, catheters and heart monitors. My mother had a hip replacement surgery subsequently followed by a heart attack. I am grateful that she was in the hospital when she threw a clot that stopped the blood flow to her heart.

It is amazing what technology can do and yet there is so much missing from the world of western medicine. I wonder if science plays too big of a role in the actual caring of folks that need that same science. What I mean is this: the humanness is seemingly set aside and overrun with tubes, and call lights.


Now I remember a scene from MASH where Hawkeye and Trapper needed to invent a new medical procedure to save a life. The episode shows compassionate, empathetic doctors scrambling to perform miracles. I realize much of what we know as western medicine comes from compassionate, passionate doctors trying to save lives.

With that being said, I see an infiltration of greed and corporate mentality influencing much of the good intentioned doctors who work so hard. So here I sit surrounded by good intentions getting lost in the machinery of corporate over-site; inhuman, and cold, with a lost connection and lost sense with the planet. Lost with the whole.

I understand that cold and calculated variables can be useful, but does the entire process need to be cold and calculated? I wonder how things would have turned out if the thought of the organic fluidity of nature was the leading influence on patient care. What if a change in the environment, addition of shamanism or meditation and holistic thought processes played a larger role in the picture?


If somehow, we humans can remember we are part of the larger picture, not the only picture. I don’t even know what that would look like. Maybe we need to look at flowers, like this picture of my mother’s fuchsia, with all its beauty making up the living structure. Yes, these are the things that keep me up at night. So where am I going with this…? Well….

I’m in a budding industry; recreated, motivated and supported by farmers. Folks with a holistic thought for an enlivened sustainable planet, one where all its inhabitants can thrive. There need to be more folks willing to remember the planet’s abundance and wisdom.

I am seeing our developing industry being taken over by greed, slowly burning the good intentions. I am watching the corporate mentality leaking its poisonous thought process into the industry. This is the status quo that I wish to bring to light. It is for all of us to notice, and to make right the choices that benefit the whole rather than just the one.

Question now is, how do we do that while embedded in a system that supports the success of the one and not the whole?

I apologize for getting deep… it is what is on my mind!

PS: Mom is doing much better! She’ll be home soon.


James Ainsworth