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Sipping on my cup of tea this morning, I receive an email from my site server attempting to confirm my url The email is verifying its authenticity after the repeal of Obama’s net neutrality protections took effect a couple of days ago. I hadn’t thought too much about that url after rebranding my company. Seeing my original business name saddened me a bit.


Earlier this year, I changed my business name due to the fact that so many amateur copy-cats were using variations of the Serenity CBD name to increase their own internet sales. I’m not well-versed in the ways of marketing on the internet, and boy did I learn a big lesson the hard way.


Several companies decided to use Serenity in their own branding.  One even took my original name Serenity CBD. After informing one of the perps that they stole my trademarked name they added one word to the end of the name. Like that makes it ok to be unoriginal.


Now this isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with folks using the original name of my little company or taking an idea that I was working on and claiming it as their own. I’ve been told that it’s a game that is played in the business world, like this is simply the norm of our society. Kill or be killed, take what you want…. to me it’s not a great legacy to leave behind.


So, it looks like I get to live with the money hungry green monster wanting more, more, more, and I’m sure they won’t be the last. The difficulty for me is that this state of mentality feels, acts, and lives like a disease infesting and eating away at the possibility of what our culture could be. Maybe this mentality is the base of our culture.  Look at a television show like Survivor, or the show “The Apprentice.” The kill or be killed mentality is alive and well in main stream media. With this onslaught of aggressive competition, how can we as a culture move beyond the level of the killing machine disease?

The word “disease” (dis-ease) means to create two opposing things attempting to live in the same space. “Dis” expressing “apart, in a different direction, between.” Disease is a construct of this separateness. It expresses the state of our culture, our country. We live in an uneasy bidirectional dis-ease.


Question is, how do we get back to wholeness? To being in communion with each other and this incredible life force making up all things? How do we atone? I wonder, how can there be healthy commerce without the shark tank mentality?

Maybe opposing forces are a part of the whole, creating balance. To me things feel out of balance… way out of balance.



I move into the focus, forward toward my little sustainable hemp grow. My love is being of service to a larger aspect of me, growing sustainable hemp and creating CBD oil and cannabinoid products.  I hope Serenity Remedies (fka is making the world a bit kinder, working diligently to move beyond the trite and trivial into being a giver and supporter of others.  And not to get eaten! now re-directs to our new website:

And what’s in a name anyways?  If a rose by any other name smells as sweet, then our products by any other name are just as serene. We hope you continue to enjoy them and benefit from their wellness attributes.

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James Ainsworth