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On my walk this morning, I reflected on my last blog post.  I may have sounded as though I was taking on a victim mentality. If I come from the position that I created this process, then I acknowledge that I also put myself in the position of being the manatee amongst the sharks. How did I do that? Why would I do that?


Now I don’t believe the budding hemp industry started out as a swarming shark tank. In my experience, the core group of folks that spearheaded the hemp industry bring the energy of sustainability, health, and wellness for the planet and human kind. This is a movement for the advancement of the planet, along with the abundance that comes with a successful business!


So if I created this life, then I created my position amongst these “sharks”.  I meditated for a while, walked a while, and allowed a new thought to emerge surrounding this concept. Maybe it’s my perspective that’s skewed and all of this is what is had asked for. I wrote and stated a mantra daily, “I want Serenity to make 1.5 million dollars by the end of 2017”. I didn’t specify Rachel’s Serenity CBD company. If I look at all the subsequent Serenity companies, I suspect the total revenue combined would surpass the income request that I put out into the universe.


While I still feel frustration that other companies utilized my branding for their own means, this has resulted in making CBD available to a larger group of people. The reality is that my greatest hope is for this medicinal plant to overturn the big pharma monopoly and bring natural plant remedies to everyone. That’s a big job and I realize that I cannot do it alone.


Now I am not making excuses for those unscrupulous bottom feeders knowingly taking advantage, like catfish instead of sharks. There are those in the world of business that strive only for monetary profit, thinking that it will solve their problems.  This is just my way of reframing the situation so I can do something about it!


So the lesson here is to take care of what I ask for, and how I ask for it.

Today I choose to manifest a financially successful business within an abundant and worthy hemp industry, supporting all who connect with Serenity Remedies. I wish my Serenity Remedies to grow beyond my wildest dreams, helping millions of living beings (including our furry friends), with our medicinal healing plants, while supporting mother earth to be healthy and happy.

Remember what you state, visualize, meditate on will manifest!

What do you choose to manifest today?



James Ainsworth