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The real-deal skincare you have been waiting for.

Testimonial from Joyce L.

I Love the CBD Oil for my skin. Thank you, Rachel, for introducing me to this product. I Love how it feels…I Love its fragrance…and I LOVE its results.

My skin suffered years of abuse from burns and blisters beach- and pool-baked; I was a daily devotee.

It didn’t matter in my twenties or even into my thirties. But when the forties hit…so did the wrinkles and discolorations.

Every month I budgeted face creams, potions, and lotions to try to recoup my taut, tight, and burning face.

But today CBD Oil has come to my rescue. I love everything about it. My skin is soft, smooth and supple. 

I love it.

Thank you, Rachel. 

With best regards,

Joyce L.

In addition to our tinctures, Serenity Remedies has teamed up with Miss Riss Botanicals to bring you a full line of CBD topicals.

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