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Please allow me to introduce myself, as with this blog post we at Serenity Remedies intend to expand our website content in an effort to reach out to wider audiences as well as to support our customers by providing important educational information that is relevant to healing with CBD oil and cannabis derivative products. We hope this blog will become a vehicle and forum for exploring many aspects of healing with cannabis and many dimensions of exciting new possibilities as our society is completely changing its relationship – economic, personal, legal, political, medical and spiritual – with this phenomenal ancient plant.


My name is James Ainsworth and I am a journalist and copywriter.On January 25,2002 I was shot in a car-jacking incident that resulted in a spinal cord injury at the T12 vertebra that left me in a wheelchair,paralyzed from the waist down.More than 17 years have passed since that fateful daywhen everything changed as my life was completely upended andI found myself onan unanticipated and quite challenging and extraordinary journey of healing. As is common witha large percentage of people who have suffered spinal cord injuries (SCI), I have experienced constant chronic pain ever since the initial trauma that shocked my spine.If you have a spinal cord injury – or if you know someone who has an SCI – you probably understand how complicated an SCI can be, particularly if there is chronic pain involved. EverySCI is entirely individualand unique, according to the level of paralysis, the degree of movement and sensation, potential complications with internal organs, various kinds ofrehab therapies and the inevitable restructuring that occursas one begins to learn new techniquesfor managing manyordinary day-to-day tasks.



Pain has been one of the most vexing problems in my life since the onset of my injury and at timesI turned to cannabis – among other kinds of therapies and healing processes – in aneffort to overcome my pain. I consider myself fortunate to live in Colorado, not only for our magnificent mountainsand the incredible natural beauty that our state has, but also for its willingness to be at the cutting edge of the medical marijuana and cannabis legalization movement. More than 12 years ago I tried smoking medical marijuana to relieve pain and I can say (with a big smile) that getting highdefinitelyhelped relieve pain!There are a wide variety of very powerful strains that are available on the medical marijuana and the retail market, but with smoking or vapingI couldn’t write or concentrate properly during my high and I also found that itnegatively affected my sleep patterns. Then several years later I tried Charlotte’s Web CBD oil, which had proven to be very helpful for young children with severe forms of epilepsy, but I still found that the Charlotte’s Web oil left my mind feeling slow and not quite able to fully focus or concentrate. About 2 or 3 years ago I tried another CBD oil – this time from a company that was marketing and distributing their product online – and it offered some mild relief from pain, but the expensive price was hardly worth the small benefit I received from the product.



In September 2018, a friend of mine told me about Serenity Remedies, and I tried it. The first thing I noticed about the Serenity Remedies CBD oil is that it tasted completely different from any other CBD oil I have ever tried. The Serenity Remedies CBD oil tastes much more like a very pure and smooth radiant essence of the plant itself, while other CBDs tasted more like the oil base that was used as a medium rather than cannabis itself. Also, I did not experience any of the lack of focus and concentration side effects that I felt with some other CBD oils! While I didn’t notice a very strong or direct relief of my neuropathic pain, I did notice an overall improvement in my health, my energy levels and my feeling of well-being. I continued to work with the Serenity Remedies CBD oil as I wanted to be open to whatever new healing process I could experience; I also found that when I didn’t take the oil, my pain and discomfort went up significantly.I tried different levels, 250 mg, 500 mg and 1000 mg, and I eventually settled in on the 500 mg bottle, taking .5 ml twice a day. Gradually, each month I felt myself becoming more attuned to my body and the healing effect of the Serenity Remedies oil. (This isimportant to emphasize, because with an SCI many of the normal neural sensations and information feedback systems of the body are disrupted, which can be further distorted by opiates and other prescription medications.) As I became more aware of changes in my body I also spontaneously started changing my diet,eventually settling into an essentially vegan diet with seafood, but no red meat or chicken. I also found myself naturally changing my daily movements and body exercises as well as expanding my adaptive yoga routine. It felt as if the food yearnings in my body changed and evolved as I used the Serenity Remedies oil. My sleep improved dramatically as well and even though I still have some pain that wakes me up when I sleep, I am much more able to control and manage it by the way I shift my body and my breathing throughout the night. That was a HUGE breakthrough for me.



Now, about 10 months since I first started taking Serenity Remedies CBD oil, I am in the strongest and healthiest condition I’ve ever been in the entire 17 years that I’ve lived with my SCI. Naturally, that is a wonderful feeling and something worth celebrating! Life is still somewhat complicated and I have a long way to go in my journeybut I am continually getting better and working on ways to improve my health. I practice adaptive yoga and I get weekly acupuncture and massage treatments; I also work with the Edgar Cayce wet cell battery and other forms of subtle energy healing. In my experience, it seemed that the CBD oil somehow brought all of these different healing modes together and heightened their effect in my inner awareness.What I have come to understand from my conversations with Rachel Cole is that cannabis has a long history and evolutionary relationship with our human body and it works to help balance the body’s systems holistically, gradually improving one’s overall health working its way through various adjustments. This is very helpful to understand if you are trying CBD oil and you are looking for a specific healing effect. Be patient with yourself and notice the subtle effects of the CBD oil as you work with the various processes and systems in your body. Take a broader view of the possibilities of your own healing by working on being more self-aware and reflective of how the CBD oil is affecting you.Reach out to Rachel or someone at Serenity Remedies to help you get the support and feedback you need as well as to help you figure out the right dosage.


Experimenting with Serenity Remedies CBD oil will help you find the right techniques and process for your body to fulfillits unique needs. Being patient, giving yourself time and being aware of how the healing process can affect your body as a whole is part and parcel of using CBD oil effectively.



James Ainsworth