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     If anyone understands or perhaps even embodies many aspects of the revolution happening in our society with respect to cannabis use and medical treatment, it would be Montel Williams. Perhaps more than any other American celebrity, Montel Williams has been a dynamic advocate for the medical use, scientific research, legal reform and decriminalization of the laws surrounding cannabis.


            Montel Williams has led an extraordinary life, first in his military career as a Marine and a Naval officer and later as the host of his own popular talk show, “The Montel Williams Show.” During his 17 year-run, Montel interviewed guests with inspirational stories and helped loved ones and broken families reunite. While he was in the Navy Williams earned three Meritorious Service Medals, two Navy Commendation Medals, two Navy Achievement Medals as well as other awards and citations. Williams also received a Meritorious Service Award for his positive portrayal of the military on “The Montel Williams Show.”


                Montel began to experience his first symptoms of the neurological degenerative disease of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1999 and his health was a factor in the eventual cancellation of his show in January 2008. He first symptoms were neuropathic pain shooting through his legs. Prescription medications did not provide relief and his physician suggested trying medical marijuana as an alternative. For the last 20 years, Montel has been using medical marijuana on a daily basis – and he also says he will use it every day, “until I die.”


            “I medicate myself everyday in the morning, I medicate myself throughout the day and I medicate myself every single evening –just the same way anybody else does and just the same way I did when I got up in the morning taking prescription medication in inordinate amounts to take keep track of the same issues I am using marijuana for,” Montel said on a CNN interview. He said he has medical marijuana cards for 2 of the 14 states where cannabis is legal.


            “Marijuana doesn’t affect everybody in the same way… I don’t get the same euphoria other people get – I get neuropathic pain relief – and that’s why I use it.”


            In 2016 Montel founded Lenitiv Scientific, LLC. and the LenitivLabs brand of medical cannabis products, reflecting his desire to move from patient and advocate to becoming more involved in science and research as well as an industry entrepreneur. He has been annual speaker at the Cannabis Science Conference and has presented his own views of the“A Patient’s Perspective on the Endocannabinoid System.”


            Serenity Remedies also participates in the Cannabis Science Conference as we are continuously seeking to understand and improve the botanical, physiological and biochemical processes that effect our products and enhance the healing potential of cannabis. Hence we are including this interview with Montel Williams on the Cannabis Science Conference website which provides tremendous information and resources that help us keep up with the rapid transformations that are happening in the cannabis industry and society.



James Ainsworth