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With her beautifully radiant smile – dancing as she sings – Nina Storey fills the stage with a musical vibrance that touches everyone in the audience. Back at home in Colorado, performing at the Soiled Dove in Denver, Nina seems to be in her element as she thrives on the venue’s wonderful atmosphere and its intimacy. 


Singing and playing a little bit of rock, little bit of folk, a little bit of soul, a little bit of R&B and a touch of understated funk. – Nina Storey embodies all of these dynamic forces magnificently in one solitary beautiful being, with lovely, magical curly red locks. She was clearly happy to be home and among old friends and new fans.


“I still consider myself a Coloradan,” Nina proclaimed to the crowd, despite having moved to California since in the 90s. Nina has sold over 50,000 CDs independently and her music has been seen in Disney, Dream Works, Sony Pictures and Universal films as well as on numerous national television programs and commercials.


One thing that is very special and central to Nina’s life as a singer and an artist is her use of CBD oil and special products from Serenity Remedies. Her long-time friend Rachel Cole turned Nina on to CBD and now it has become an indispensable part of her life. Singers – and musical artists generally – perform at their best when they can find tune their body, mind and spirit to their highest creative impulses. Singers in particular can be very sensitive about what they need to do to keep their voices strong and to project the necessary physical and emotional energy.


“I started talking CBD oil about a year ago; I found that it helped manage my asthma, which I think is really incredible – that is huge,” Nina said in a conversation with Rachel and myself after the Soiled Dove show. “I also experience reduced pain in my knees and it works great for headaches! It gives me a lot of energy and it helps with my overall wellness; it helps with my digestion, tummy stuff and I put it on my skin. I talk about it a lot.”


While Nina initially started with CBD oil, she gradually expanded her use of CBD products to enhance many aspects of her health.


“I use the oils, but I also use the salve and I really think they’re great. I love it because it’s organic and it’s made from hemp and it’s good for people who don’t want to do the THC,” Nina added. “I feel like I get a lot out of it. And if I don’t take it for a while that’s okay, too. It’s not like it gives me any side effects or anything. (When I take it) everything hurts a little less.”


Perhaps most importantly, Nina uses CBD oil to enhance, protect and strengthen her voice, which is central to her career as a nationally-known artist.


“I put a tincture under my tongue and I hold it as long as I can – about 30 seconds or 50 seconds – and I gargle with it and then I swallow and it helps reduce inflammation, especially after I’ve been singing. When I was on tour last fall and I had back-to-back shows and my throat was jacked. I was freaking out that I was going to have to cancel a show and I took several doses of the CBD during the day and my throat was GREAT that night,” Nina explained. “It definitely helps with inflammation. I’ve shared it recently with my singing friends – I’m a big fan.”


As more people discover and learn about the healing potentials of CBD oil, we can expect many more singers, musicians and actors will explore using CBD to enhance their voices and their creative performances. 


As with Serenity Remedies, it is important to have an all-natural product with a high-quality extraction process that yields maximum effectiveness. All CBDs are not made the same. To understand CBD’s true potentials, one needs only to ask the diva dynamo Nina Storey, see her onstage and hear her rapturous voice.


James Ainsworth