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From Soil to Oil

One plant at a time One person at a time

Our Vision and Mission

With commitment and sustainable farming practices, Serenity Remedies brings locally grown natural remedies to individuals that benefit from an alternative approach to health and wellness.

Serenity Remedies fosters a culture of education and compassion, empowering people to tune into their own bodies and find relief from suffering.


Serenity Remedies donates a percentage of its proceeds to assist folks with disabilities who cannot afford the cost of the oil.

In my journey this past year I have found many who very much need this oil and cannot afford it. So as support for the community, Serenity feels the compassionate thing to do is to donate a portion of the proceeds to a fund to assist those in financial need!


In 2016, we grew our first crop and successfully harvested over 600 organically grown plants! There are no pesticides or herbicides used in the growth of these plants. The oil is extracted using a high-end process, producing a clean oil.

The only pesticides we use on are farm are ladybugs.


At Serenity Remedies we believe in the quality of our product and the amazing healing properties of this oil so much, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.* 

There’s no risk to try it.  Keep in mind that those with grass allergies may experience adverse affects and our products are Serenity Remedies, not Miracle Cures.

*If you are not happy with your purchase, you may return your product for a full refund.  For full details, please contact us directly.

Through continued research, Rachel discovered the healing properties and natural pharmaceutical benefits of the hemp plant. Impressed with the little plant’s versatility, Rachel began growing and extracting her own product Serenity Remedies. With Rachel’s dedication to Serenity Remedies products, others now have a trusted source for the highest quality, all natural, medicinal hemp derivatives. In Rachel, they also have a reliable source for getting all their questions answered by a specialist in the field.

Rachel focuses her research and energy on cultivating medicinal hemp for the time being, and plans to expand toward other medicinal plants in the future.

Meet the owner of Serenity Remedies, Rachel Cole

Rachel was finishing her dissertation for her doctorate in clinical psychology when she suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident.  Her body does not respond well to opiate pain medication and her daughter suggested CBD oil as an alternative. Rachel was amazed how well it worked.

Rachel's Story

Finding an alternative to opiods

The Serenity Team

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