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Serenity CBD Oil customers share their experience

Musician Nina Storey talks about her experience with Serenity Remedies CBD tincture.  Watch a Facebook video with her story.

Serenity CBD Oil soothes achy knees and ankles from a torn patellar tendon at the Taste of Colorado

Serenity CBD Oil eliminates chronic inflammation and soreness from a torn shoulder injury at the Taste of Colorado

“I love this product! Have been spreading the word. Spider veins are diminished, I sleep better, my ankle doesn’t swell which was broken in Dec Doc apt next week for B.P. and blood test results.”


“This is the first time I have slept without medication in over 7 plus years!”


It’s working very well!! It totally relaxes and calms my nerves!”


“You’re right about this oil! My hip pain is gone and it has been bothering me all morning! Lovin it so far!”


Serenity CBD Oil instantly soothes migraines at the Taste of Colorado

Serenity CBD Oil soothes ankle pain at the Taste of Colorado

Serenity CBD Oil’s superior and organic product soothes pain and tension from multiple injuries at the Taste of Colorado

“CBD oil is working for me on a couple of old injuries: rotator cuff/ shoulder (1992) and an ankle I severely sprained (2009). Just a few drops on each area at bedtime … Magic! I sleep all night, no pain or aching. Also, I add a few drops into my organic skin care moisturizer…. On a cellular level, oils help nutrients go deeper into the layers of our skin to reduce dryness and I am seeing improvement daily … Love this CBD OIL!” 

Fran C

“It has been 1 1/2 months since I began using CBD oil for my insomnia. I have found the balance I need to help me sleep through the nigh. It is an incredible gift for me to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. I absolutely love your product and my medical doctor has given me the green light to use the CBD Oil. Thank you soooo much.”


Serenity’s all natural CBD Oil is great for pets too

I give this amazing oil 5 stars! I’ve been treating my sick dog Snickerz with this oil! Snickerz has a very depleted immune system from a degenerative disease process with cancerous lessons! Putting this oil in her food twice a day as well as applying it topically to her sores has healed her up very nicely! It maintains her health without the use of strong expensive drugs that make her feel sicker!! Xoxoxoxo Rachel Cole and Serenity CBD for making it!


Thank you so much for the CBD oil for Jackson, my 10 year old foster dog. He was a bite risk when he came to me because of a deformed back leg, both were underdeveloped and he was very guarded of them. Within three or four days of giving him just 3 drops on a morning biscuit, the inflammation in his hip came down which allowed the leg to start tracking properly. Without the pain, he is no longer a bite risk, he is now able to build strength in those back legs, he’s running around with the other dogs & has absolutely come alive hunting ducks along the river. Everyone who has met him has commented that he is a new dog. And the best news of all, this boy (who the rescue once asked if I’d keep him b/c no one would want an old growly dog like him) Jackson just found his forever home because he is such an happy, healthy, active loving boy.

Jackson has become a fun example for my holistic health practice of what people need on their own healing journeys. We all have some degree of inflammation in our body. It’s amazing how resilient the body can be when you relieve it of that pressure and begin to nurture with better foods and enjoyable movement & play. Most importantly, when we are able to have better moods, deeper connections with others and reconnect to the things that bring us fully alive… that’s when one’s life can be truly transformed. Your CBD is the best and I look forward to many, many, many success stories with it. Thank you for your diligence in making such a superior quality product.

Kathy Basel

Holistic Wellness Coach, The Vitality Code